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In lieu of the new anime series arriving right around the corner and its availability on Hulu, I've been watching the Sailor Moon anime for the past few weeks. Some history: I was initially a big fan of the show when it first aired in English in 1995 (I was about seven then), and fell out of it some time after the end of the Doom Tree arc in the R series. Despite having been a big enough fan that I'd be dead set on catching all the new episodes and re-runs up until that point, I can't say the show itself made much of an impact on me like it did a lot of others, and I don't have the same nostalgic attachment to it like I do Pokemon or Digimon.

Watching the show now, it's been kind of like consuming cotton candy; it's tasty, takes little to no effort to digest, doesn't have much in the way of substance, and, as with most sweets, it's easy to tire of. Because (I believe?) the original manga ran monthly and the anime premiered shortly after its debut, there's a ton of padding in the form of monsters of the week, and once a significant plot point or ally arrives, it'll be followed with even more padding before arriving to the next significant plot point. It's a show that demands hard, thick nostalgia goggles to be enjoyed in completion.

I'm now on the R series and, incidentally, just when I fell out of it is as a kid is the same time my interest in the series is kind of waning now. I enjoyed the Doom Tree arc, but the moment Chibi-Usa's introductory episode arrived was when the show took a sharp turn. Usagi and Mamoru were acting so uncharacteristically sugary sweet with one another, I actually thought the first scene was going to be revealed to be a dream sequence in Usagi's head all along, eventually cutting to Mamoru calling her bun-head and them bickering once again. I know many take issue with the character of Mamoru and his romance with Usagi, but up until that episode, I could buy in to them (sans the creepy scene where he kisses a drunk and passed out Usagi). In fact, one of the things I really liked about the Doom Tree arc was that we more or less got to see them acting like a regular couple, no red string of fate attached, best demonstrated in the episode where they take care of a baby. Now, being destined lovers seems to be all they can relate to about one another, and they've just broken up, and I've read it's a pretty tedious plotline that culminates in a conclusion as frustrating as its introduction.

I'm not big on Chibi-Usa, either. Or rather, I'm not big on the "kid who acts innocent in front of others and then behaves like a total dick towards a certain individual so others will think said individual is behaving irrationally in their irritation with the kid's antics" trope. It's been tempered since her introductory episode, and she may eventually grow on me, but eh.

Still, as much as I'd like to drop this particular season, I know it's likely a vital viewing for the next season, and the one that really got me started watching the series from the beginning for one reason: the Outer Senshi. Namely, Haruka and Michiru. Aside from their romance, I've read that they're rather morally dubious in nature and even brutal at times, and that's just what I've been craving after 50+ episodes of the "safe" friendship that bonds the Inner Senshi.
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