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Medical updates, emetophobia warning

I was going to post this on Twitter, but it's a little long and I'd rather my followers have a chance to be spared the gory details than see them pop up with no way of avoiding them on their TL.

Lately, I've had these unpredictable moments in the morning where, after breakfast, I'll feel something rising at and inflaming my throat (if you've taken pills with not enough water, I'm sure you know this feeling) and then I have to vomit. It was a lot of retching, followed by only a small amount of vomit that was mostly clear; no signs of food and only little remnants of one of the pills I'd recently taken.

I didn't feel any nausea, I had no symptoms of the stomach flu or a different illness prior, so it could only be concluded that I ingested something that really didn't agree with me. At first, my dad (who's a doctor) and I speculated it might have been the extra 10 MG Prozac I'd recently been taking, and that it might have been one too many pills to swallow.

I moved my extra Prozac dose to the afternoon, and see if I'd do any better. I did, and for a while, I thought that was it.

Then, last weekend at my parents' house, just as I was about to leave to return to my apartment in Monterey, I had that same sensation crawling up my throat about a half-hour or so after breakfast, and I threw up. Again, it was small quantities of vomit, mostly clear. We wondered if it might have been the cereal I'd been eating.

This morning, it happened again, and this time I threw up greater quantities of vomit, resembling what could only have been my breakfast. I called up my dad, he suggested I move the 20MG to dinnertime, and try a different breakfast meal.

And that's it; only time will tell how things will turn out with this plan. I don't think it's anything serious, but I'm debating on limiting my appearances (if not outright canceling) at Fanime this year. I've been developing some symptoms of a cold in the past few days in addition to this (though they seem to be calming down now), so that might be the best option to take.
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