MP (militarypenguin) wrote,

Hi, I have to share this goddamn spider I saw this morning. Photo and story under the cut, seriously don't click if you're phobic of spiders; or if you're especially fond of them, for that matter, as this one meets a tragic end.

I was sitting down, reclining by the heater this morning, when I sensed a moving presence and turned to the wall next to me.

I gasped "Holy shit" under my breath. I don't know how well the sense of scale is captured in this image, but this thing was bigger than a quarter. I'm terrified of spiders, but I'm simultaneously kind of impressed by just how terrifying they are, and this one was so shockingly big that I had to take a quick picture before it could move away into the vast unknown of my apartment, awaiting its chance to pop up again.

I respect spiders' roles in nature, however, breaking and entering in this apartment is punishable by death. I hope its family will understand and move elsewhere. Please. For both our sakes.
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