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Haha oh my god, what a day.

So first off, I had a meeting with my therapist scheduled today at 3--but I forgot to schedule the return trip to my apartment. When I called the transportation service to schedule a return trip, they only had a 3:30 slot left, meaning my appointment would only be a half hour long. Alright, I thought, I didn't plan on having much to disclose to my therapist for that day anyway.

Come this morning, I had breakfast, took my medication, and it felt like my meds were climbing back up my throat. Gone were the meds and my breakfast, and I gave my dad (who's a doctor) a call and asked for his input on if I should go to class today. He advised against it, and I ended up staying home, missing my tutoring, and feeling bad because my tutor is excellent and I didn't want to fall behind on my work. I started feeling better around noon and decided to go to class.

Class finished, I boarded my ride, and the person driving said they had another customer to pick up. Here's where things start getting entertaining. We go to pick up the person, who was visibly upset because the driver had been running late and the person mentioned that their "family was dying" which had me taken aback. I assumed this meant the person was on their way to a funeral or the hospital to visit their family, and thought my thoughts were confirmed when I saw them bringing down their luggage. They brought their cat in a carrier as well.

As they were putting their cat in the car, they looked up to me, smiled, and said, "Hi, sweetheart." I didn't know what to make of the "sweetheart," but greeted them back as I normally would. They went back to their apartment to get the rest of their luggage and returned with four tangerines, two of which they handed to me and said, "These are for you."

The driver told them I had to be dropped off, and when they told them the destination, the person panicked, worrying they weren't going to make it to their dentist appointment (thus, ruling my funeral and hospital guesses), and readied their phone to call up a different ride. I assumed, by their reaction, that their location couldn't have been far from mine, and told the driver it'd be fine if they just dropped them off first. "You're an angel!" the customer told me, and I laughed kind of nervously.

So we drove off to the person's destination, and they struck up a conversation with me. "Are you 13?" "No, I'm actually 25." They laughed in disbelief, thinking I was joking with them--a normal reaction, because I do not look anywhere near 25. But I told them I was being truthful about this, and they asked if my lack of visible aging was attributed to some form of physical disability. I told them, no, that's just how I was.

Throughout the trip, the person was fussing over the driver, telling them their GPS was lying and to make this turn instead of that one, and getting upset when they didn't listen; I should mention that the driver's first language wasn't English, and the language barrier likely had everything to do with the miscommunication between them. "Am I bad person? Why are you playing with me this way?" accused the customer. I just sat there, squeezing the tangerines in my hand like they were stress balls and hoping they wouldn't turn to further converse with me.

It wasn't until I noticed how far we were out that I realized what a big mistake I made in allowing the driver to give the person their ride before mine, and I should have asked the driver just where their location was and how far apart it was from mine. Too late. I gave my therapist a call, warning her I'd be running late while being vague on the details as to why, as the passenger was sitting next to me, listening. The passenger was eventually dropped off at their destination, and the driver advised I just sleep as we headed on our way to my therapist. It was 3:40 by the time we arrived there, meaning I had no time to visit my therapist, and whatever ride was going to pick me up at 3:30 either gave up and left or hadn't arrived. The driver was kind enough to offer me a ride back, and I quickly ran up to my therapist's office to deliver her check. She could clearly see the fun I'd had on my ride and gave me a hug before we scheduled our next appointment and I left.

And that was my Bizarre Adventure, I hope you enjoyed reading. I don't think I did justice to how surreal and draining this experience was.
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