MP (militarypenguin) wrote,

short 2013 reflection

It’s difficult to assess 2013 as a year for me. I was initially going to say it was a vast improvement over 2012, if only because I was in a much, much better place mental health-wise this year, but I’m also hard-pressed to recall any especially “great” or memorable moments this year, even with events as significant as my surgery. This was a passable year—one I won’t necessarily remember fondly if I’m ever reminded of it, but one I won’t recoil with discomfort upon recalling, either.

My biggest regrets of this year were writing not nearly enough in the way of fiction, and continually giving in to my habit of wanting to connect with others, only to decide against it due to overwhelming shyness. Both of these are things I seek to improve and work on throughout the new year, and likely the years to follow. The aforementioned habit is a lifelong problem I’ve had, and it likely won’t be easily “fixed” anytime soon, but I’ll work through it gradually.

Fortunately, my biggest accomplishment triumphs over my biggest regrets, and that was inspiring a positive change in someone. That’s more than I could ever ask for.
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