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The Legend of Korra book two finale

The last four episodes of Korra have been released and boy, watching them was like being repeatedly punched in the face with a fist loaded with FUCK YEAH. I'm one of the few who had been consistently enjoying this season from the beginning, but by the time "Beginnings" aired it went from being a good show to an awesome one. I intend on watching the last two episodes when they air on television, as watching from my laptop isn't the same, and my Korra experience just isn't complete without the jarring intro of "Full House" playing right afterward.

First, I've been meaning to say that I re-watched the first season of Korra not too long before the second season aired, and my opinion on the show changed a lot. Before, like a lot of people, I thought it started out fantastic and then took a sharp turn downhill before culminating in a disappointing finale, but when I marathoned it in full--well, I no longer felt that way about it any more. I really, really liked it, including the finale and even Amon's backstory, which was initially the part that I was most critical of. It was still a rushed finish, but knowing what was coming helped, and viewing it in the course of a day actually made the events click together more smoothly than having to wait a week for each to air.

But enough about book one.


  • So glad Varrick turned out to be an ambiguous figure in the end. This admittedly mostly because I loved the character too much to fully accept him as a villain, but it also made for a more interesting character. Even though he helped the Krew out in the end, his role still couldn't easily be cemented as ally or enemy, and I liked that a lot. I also love that even in defeat he never loses that overwhelming enthusiasm. He gets thrown in prison? Not a problem, he easily spruces it up to fit his needs.


  • Oh my god, the Fog of Lost Souls was the most terrifying shit ever, I loved it. ZHAO. I knew Jason Isaacs was going be doing a voice but I did not expect a reprise of his original role. All this time we thought he was just dead and gone but he got the worst possible fate handed to him. It was really unnerving.

  • I also loved how it paved the way for Tenzin's development and epiphany (assuming that was a vision of Aang, and not the actual spirit of Aang himself--or it could be a strange mix of the two, it's hard to say) that he could not become his father, and that was fine because he wasn't meant to be his father, he was meant to be himself. It served as a great parallel to Korra's arc, too. 

  • Every character that hadn't already grown on me has now grown on me so much. Including Mako. In fact, I actually really like Mako at this point. If the first season didn't make it clear enough that he was written to be a mostly responsible person who makes some seriously irresponsible decisions, this season made it crystal clear, what with the scene of everyone side-eyeing him when he lied to Korra about the breakup, and eventually telling her the truth. I didn't end up hating Mako/Korra like a lot of others did, but they really do need some time apart, and that breakup scene was really well done.

  • BOLIN AND ESKA. MY OTP. "Hello, my feeble turtle duck." THAT WAS EXACTLY HOW I WANTED THEM TO MEET AGAIN. I loved everything about it. Even if that last scene might or might not have implied a breakup, I'm extremely happy with how things went down with them. I hope we get more Eska again in the future because god, she's my favorite, easily.

  • JINORA SAVES THE DAY. I was concerned her role would halt at being Korra's spirit guide and remaining comatose until the last minute, but no, her aid didn't stop there. It wasn't clear just what she did, but I didn't care, SHE SAVED THE DAY.

  • That final battle. What a feast for the eyes and ears. Too many "holy shit" moments to count, though Vaatu severing Korra's connection with all the past avatars was definitely at the top of the list.

  • Everything about Korra's arc, summed up best by this post. I'm so happy. I love Korra.

That really could have been the grand finale right there and I would have been happy with it, but I'm glad we're getting two more seasons. Can't wait to see what's in store.
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