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I saw Pacific Rim yesterday, and my verdict was "just alright." I'd been wanting to elaborate in detail on why the film was a miss for me, despite having the ingredients that, by all means, should have drawn me in (I like giant robots, I like stories about the power of the human spirit, I like fun, I promise) but after mulling over it for a while, I realized my reason was pretty simple.

I'm simply not a fan of big, bombastic action films with giant stakes and a wide-scale conflict at hand. In fact, the more widespread the conflict is, the more distant I feel to it, and the harder I find it to get immersed in. It didn't help that Pacific Rim operated from several different POVs at once, with not enough breathing room for me to feel like I really got to "know" any of them in the end (with the exception of Newt, possibly because his role was less "grand" and more grounded than those of the Jaegar pilots, making it easier to envision myself in his position).

It's a commendable effort, one I can certainly respect for being such a labor of love, but ultimately not my cup of tea in the end.
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