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Back from surgery, it went well and I actually had a great time while I was there. I won't be able to shower for two weeks thanks to the medical binding around my chest (which is still a little sore from the tightness), lift anything more than 5 pounds, stretch my arms, and I'll have to change these drains for my blood attached to me every 8 hours until the week or so is up, but those were all to be expected.

The nurses and surgeons were all really nice, one of them that wheeled me into the operating room reminded me of Peter Lorre. After the operation, I recovered in my bed, sleeping most of the time and drinking chilled apple juice while dining on saltine and graham crackers (a delicious combination) the rest, and generally feeling pretty good save for my sore chest and (now gone) sore throat. As said above, I can't take the binding off my chest, so I don't know how it looks yet, but I'm already more than glad I went through with it. I thank you all for the supportive comments/likes I received yesterday on Tumblr and elsewhere!

But the main highlight of the whole deal?

I fell unconscious to Queen's "We Are The Champions" in the operating room.
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