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Anime Expo 2013 Report

Day 0:

  • Line was not as chaotic as anticipated for such a big convention, my friend and I were impressed! We only had to wait about 2-3 hours.

Day 1:

  • Attended the AMV Wayback Machine: The History of AMVs panel, which I loved a lot and was one of the highlights of the convention. It was so, so cool and introduced me to some of the best AMVs I've ever seen. I've been obsessed with this one (made back in 1998!) for the past few days, and I loved this one a lot too. Also got to see the very first known AMV (Space Battleship Yamato death scenes set to "All You Need Is Love) made back in 1982. I really could have stayed at that panel for hours on end, it was so interesting.

  • Saw Toshio Maeda again, this time at his own panel. He's a very funny, dry-humored man. I asked him about what his thoughts were on the adaptations of his works, specifically La Blue Girl, where the tone was changed drastically (the anime is a comedy, the original manga is more serious, Miko Mido is also a completely different character in both incarnations). He answered that both mediums have their advantages and limitations, and as such, he was fine with his works getting expanded more in their animated forms.

  • Met up with Lucas, and met Colin and Miles for the first time! 

Day 2:

  • Met up with Colin again! They gave me this wonderful folder and inside it was this picture drawn for me by Fessah! I really could have left the con with these two items alone as my loot and been fully content, it was the greatest thing I'd received.

  • Hung out with Colin again later that day, accompanied by Miles, Lucas, Daxe, Amy, Axel, and I think a few others whose names I didn't get/escaped me? I had a really great time just lounging about with them, which was one of the other biggest highlights of my time at the convention. Amy drew this picture of Kaiji for me, Ginji as Garfield and Morita as Odie for Colin, and Dario Brando (the finest caliber of anime dad) for Miles. I also got a Samickle walker tattoo on my arm from Colin.

Day 3: 

  • Met up with Colin and Miles again, this time accompanied by Ivan! We sat around playing 3DS and drawing, Ivan drew a picture (inspired by the religious protestors in front of the con) of Teruteru being saved by Christ (potrayed as Miles) with Samickle clinging to his leg. We later met up with Daxe and Lucas, then went our separate ways for dinner while I stayed at the con, as I'd already eaten recently.

  • Went to the AMV Mortal Kombat panel, run by the same guys who did the AMV Wayback Machine. The AMVs were kind of hit-or-miss, not so much due to the editing (which was fine) as it was the lack of interest in what was being shown. Or it might have been that I was so blown away by that one Memories AMV (yeah, I'm plugging it again--seriously, check it out, it's awesome) they showed at their other panel that I wanted more of that old school editing. Still, it was a fun panel, with voting being measured by how much the audience screamed/cheered.

  • Met up with Hanyaan! Many wondrous adventures with Gyro Zeppeli cosplayer (I think his name was Jordan?) were had that can't be described, only witnessed. Luckily, I took a good amount of pictures showcasing them. Also lots of lounging about. It was a great final event for the night! ;_;

Day 4:

  • I return, goodbye, LA! I'm debating whether or not I'd like to attend the con again next year, it really depends on who will be showing up and if we can possibly get a hotel that's walking distance away from the convention. Using the taxi was kind of a hassle, and for some reason we had difficulty using our hotel voucher? Still, I'd say it was definitely worth my while, if nothing else than to meet up with friends again and friends I'd yet to meet irl.

Loot gathered:

  • Penguin folder, given by Colin, Emma, and RJ

  • Kaiji and Gene playing UNO, given by Colin and drawn by Fessah

  • Kaiji, given and drawn by Amy

  • Little Witch Academia napkin given by Miles

  • 4 Umineko doujins

  • Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

  • Escaflowne PS1 game poster

  • GTO: The Early Years, vol. 11-15 (for only $20)

  • Umineko Episode 2, Vol 1. manga (I actually made the mistake of picking this one up instead of the episode 1 manga, which I still need to read, but oh well)

  • The Rose of Versailles, Part 2 DVD

  • This Speedwagon print drawn by Dan Ciurczak

  • A print of Gatomon from Digimon

And here's all the cosplay pictures taken, in case you missed the link I snuck in one of the above descriptions.

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