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Umineko episode 8 complete

And so, it all comes to a close.

I can get why this episode was reviled by so many, or I can get why certain portions of it were. It had a strong, even start that steadily began running off its rails when past characters were brought in with their significant connections to one another broken down into basic form, a hair-tearingly frustrating conflict was introduced, and a big, epic battle that is too large in scale to swallow and at times drags its feet in attempt to seem bigger than it actually is makes up the bulk of the show. Umineko’s strongest point, its the down to earth understanding of its characters, sadly, goes mostly neglected throughout the course of the big climax.

I can get why this episode left a lot of fans dissatisfied, disappointed, or just uneasy. But for me, the ending (and I’m speaking of the “Magic” ending I chose) absolutely saved it.

It was quiet, poignant, and just what I’d needed after the long, over-the-top battle that had transpired. I was so moved by it I couldn’t stop thinking about it for hours; I think it even intensified my appreciation of the story. It may not have been the perfect ending to the series, but it was, ultimately, an emotionally satisfactory one for me, and that’s all I can really ask for.
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