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Fanime 2k13 report

  • Devilman Furuta figure

  • The Duchess of Busty Mounds DVD

  • Overcoming Shyness book by Omocat

  • Zawa zawa button, given to me by SV, thank you!

  • Velvet Kiss, volume 1, given for free at the Project-H panel

  • An amazing Pyramid Head statue that sapped most of my money (though significantly less expensive than the price). JUST LIKE MY GAMBLING ANIMES!

  • Reached the place in the evening, line was too long to get badges, so I mostly spent my time looking around to take pictures.

  • This happened and it was great.

  • Met up with Snappy and her friend, she was generous enough to treat me to dinner, and we talked mahjong, mahjong anime, Akagi, mahjong anime that isn't Akagi, Kaiji, mahjong, Attack on Titan, and other things.

  • Got up at 5:30 in the morning to get my badge. They didn't "officially" let us in until 7:30, then told us not to form lines, and then finally officially let us form lines at around 8:00, and I think I picked up my badge around 8:30. Went by faster than expected, and it was a huge improvement over the 7-10 hour wait blackout disaster line last year.

  • Watched some episodes of the 2012 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure while waiting for the Dealer's Hall to open. They were the Nutbladder subs, so I got to see Joseph Joestar say "Awesomesauce" on the big screen.

  • Saw the second Berserk movie. The film was alright, but the audience made it completely worthwhile. Everyone was roaring with laughter during the Griffith/Charlotte orgasm-machine sex scene, someone made a hilarious comment on it I can't remember (I think it involved the words "royal style"), and someone shined a red light on Charlotte's butt.

  • Met up with Snappy and friends and we went to the Project-H panel, which was neat, and also had a great moment where the panelist was showing examples of censorship in Japan, and one of them involved this white, invisible dick that someone in the audience responded with "WHO'S THAT POKEMON?!"

  • Went to Yaoi Bingo, also with Snappy and co., which was surprisingly fun (and funny as hell) to watch, even when I wasn't participating.

  • Met with Lucas and Tofu! Then followed Tofu to the Weird Manga panel.

  • Finally worked up the confidence to put on my full Kaiji cosplay.

  • Discovered the Ichijou and now-Murakami Kaiji I met and took a picture of the other day were the awesome artists RL-3 and SewerMonstar! Whoa! We hung out and had a good time.

  • Met up with Myles, who pointed me to the Pyramid Head figure I otherwise would have completely overlooked! Had an absolute blast talking with him about Silent Hill, Evangelion, video games, and whatever else came to mind.

  • I kept the scar

Overall, it was fun! I was really impressed with the cosplay turnout this year--every time  I thought I'd never see a character get cosplayed this year, they'd show up. Onizuka! Kintaro! Escaflowne cosplayers, lots of Escaflowne cosplayers! Nakamura and Kasuga from Flowers of Evil! BEATRICEEEEEE! So much variety, it was fantastic. That said, go take a gander at them.
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