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Umineko episode 6 complete

For the most part, I loved the hell out of this episode, and was ready to enthusiastically proclaim it my favorite by far. It had a lot of things I that reminded me of the ending of episode 2 sprinkled throughout, and I gobbled them up instantly. The closed room, Bernkastel’s suggestion to Battler of a more “direct” means of escape, the wedding ceremony, Erika’s taunting, creepy exchanges with the soul-trapped Battler, the ring, Beatrice swinging in to rescue Battler with a grand pistol duel with Erika. It was so exciting and thrilling and, at the very least, I can say with certainty that this was the most entertaining and page-turning episode by far.

So why the reluctance to call it my favorite? Sadly, it was by Battler and Beatrice’s wedding that my heart sort of sank and I just felt sort of uncertain and uncomfortable with it all. Not the wedding itself, but the seemingly “complete” Beatrice who would occasionally slip back into her chick self’s polite, reserved manner of speaking. It gave me the impression that she was mimicking the original Beato, as opposed to truly “becoming” her, and that unsettled me, given that this incarnation initially saw Battler as her father (and I can’t shake the feeling that she had a hard time seeing him as anything but, even after she agreed to refer to him by name with a “-sama” tacked at the end), and Battler had come to terms with her existence by accepting her as her daughter. I think if there was some surprise on Battler’s end or some sort of awareness made about the chick personality still being there, I probably wouldn’t have been as bothered by it, but for now, I just feel sort of “…huh” about the whole matter.

Looking forward to starting episode 7 a lot, though! I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t start it right away, because I’m going to be away from my PC for the next couple of days at Fanime, and I’d hate to have “I have to read more episode 7” nipping at my mind throughout the convention.
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