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G Gundam complete

I was originally going to watch seven episodes a day of G Gundam so I could complete it within a week, but then Friday came, I was fast approaching the final hurdle, and I ended up watching the rest of it.

For a series with such a reputation for being silly (and it is, unabashedly so, which is why it's so much fun) I was surprised at how seriously I took it and got swept up in its story and characters. Some of the subject matter touched on some surprisingly dark and personal issues--such as drug addiction and PTSD-- and, even more surprisingly, handled them with as much dignity and respect as one could ask for. I think using such an over the top setting worked to its advantage in this regard, giving the story and characters unexpected weight and humanity, and all the more reason to get wrapped up in all the excitement.

And I must emphasize that--it's a very fun series. I got excited, pumped up, and even anxious during the battles, even when I knew who the winner had to be. Every time I thought "This series can't get any cooler" it'd be like it'd read my mind and would promptly throw me one awesome curveball after another. It made up for its unremarkable animation with its sheer, loving imagination and eagerness that shown brightly through its storytelling.

Also, the English dub is great. Shaky in spots, but great. Mark Gatha's Domon is phenomenal. (And here's some fun trivia: he's a surgeon. Imagine having Domon Kasshu's VA as your surgeon. "THIS SCALPEL OF MINE GLOWS WITH AN AWESOME POWER!!!")
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