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AOD 2k13

Back from AOD! Actually got back a while ago, but had to get things sorted with my computer and upload pictures first. I didn't sleep too well last night--that is, I'd fall asleep for a while only to wake up, rinse and repeat several times--and came home pretty exhausted, but I'm now awake enough, and that inconvenience aside, I had a good time!

  • Loot gathered: 3 different keychains of Kariya from Fate/Zero, My Boss, My Hero on DVD, this Utena print, and a Kaiji wig kiraqueen styled for me (thank you again so much)!

  • I went a masquerade for the first time, which was a lot of fun. It might be a couple more days before all the sketches get uploaded on to YouTube, but the Sailor Avengers is up for now, which is was easily one of the best.

  • Tried taiyaki for my first time at Japan Town, which I'd been meaning to do for ages, and it didn't really live up to my expectations. Wasn't bad, tasted like pancakes and chocolate chips, but I ended up just sucking the chocolate out of it and leaving the rest of the fish waffle alone.

  • Saw Jungle Emperor Leo! It was great!

  • Saw Violence Jack 2 with my friend in our hotel room! It was...actually pretty alright, for something I'd seen toted as "evil" among reviewers. Of course, it might have just been one of the less gruesome additions.

  • Two people recognized the Restricted Rock Paper Scissors Shirt I wore today, which surprised me! No one but my friends seemed to recognize the work-in-progress season 2 Kaiji I was wearing (even when I acquired a wig), but I guess the High-Lows just isn't as striking as the former. Sorry that I could only manage a stuttering "Thanks," people who recognized it!

  • Uploaded pictures I took of cosplayers here.
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