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Had a really terrifying dream last night.

It's hard to describe because the lines between what was "reality" (in the dream) and what was just the movie I was watching (in the dream) were really blurred.

It started with this found footage movie about these two astronauts stuck on the moon. I think it was directed by J.J. Abrams or some other big-name director who gave one of those mysterious trailers that showed enough and a little to keep the audience intrigued.

I don't remember seeing any bad things (...apart from being stuck on the moon) happen to them through the course of this time, but the guy astronaut is hinted to be slowly losing it. There's a scene where he's in a car (...that's on the moon) with his back turned while he's talking pessimistically about their mission, and I guess his eventual plans to betray the girl astronaut when they get back to earth. Pin her as someone who caused the accident or planned on taking all the credit for herself or something.

So then while he's talking, and here's where the part that scared the hell out of me comes, he finally turns so we can see his face and it looks like a skeleton's. I know the phrase "gaunt as a skeleton's" came to mind, even in the dream, but that description really doesn't do it justice. His face looked like a skeleton but with a thin layer of skin over it. I'm not sure how it happened to him--the rest of his body looked normal, so I'm guessing it came as a mutation from some fictitious disease he caught or substance he came in contact with on the moon. (Note: neither of the astronauts are wearing helmets because...because...) (Also I remember posting a gif of the scene on tumblr? In the dream.)

The movie ends there...only it doesn't, and this is where it sort of becomes part of the dream's "reality." The astronauts return to earth, the girl has learned something bad is going to happen to her, and then she finds two pieces of footage: one that took place at an earlier time of the guy saying bad things about her and how she's jeopardizing the mission I think, and the one I described above.

And then there's this scene where they're climbing back to earth by following this trail of potato chip bags and eating from them because it gives them oxygen (???) and the guy lands first and proclaims himself president. Then the girl shows up with the footage exposing him and she becomes president instead (someone even says "He can't be president, he's Canadian!") and she talks about how as president she'll love everyone, and goes on about all the different types of people she'll love, including the physically mutated (obviously trying to get the guy astronaut on her side).

And after she's applauded the guy astronaut has apparently turned into a crow, but he's dying, for some reason...? And she offers to kill him so his death doesn't have to be so slow, but he refuses.

Then there's this part where the director of the movie talks about how he called this movie "Action Hero" to make it as vague as possible in a way that would both give the audience zero expectations and throw them off-guard at the same time.

Then I'm at my parents' house in the middle of the night and I can't sleep because I'm still shaken up from the scene with the guy and his skeleton face, so I head over to my parents' room and ask if I can sleep with them, they ask why, and I say it's because of the movie and my dad agreed that it kind of shook him up as well and then suddenly HE'S THE GUY ASTRONAUT but I still climb into bed with them anyway.

And then it gets surreal as hell because when I woke up, my eyes were closed and I thought I was still in the dream but then when I opened them I was in my bed right here. Probably the one time where my waking up from a dream had an actual transition, it was so weird.
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