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I remember when the "Lost Episode" of Pokemon was being advertised my neighbors and I were getting hype like hell for it and doing extensive speculation and analysis of what it could possibly be based on the commercial. I think they said in the commercial it was going to be BIG and we noticed there were BIG Pokemon used in it too so we thought whoa what if this one has to do with a legendary Pokemon or something!

Then the episode aired and it was just some beauty contest and we were so disappointed and confused as to why this was the "lost" episode.

I realize by now the reason is old news to everyone, but it only makes me wonder what it'd have been like if I, as a little Pen, found out the answer to the big mystery that my neighbors and I discussed in eager anticipation until the morning of the episode's airing, that the BIG thing Kids WB was so persistent to advertise was, in actuality...James's tits.

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