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Dangan Ronpa Chapter 4 Impressions

In which someone finally smacks Togami, he finally gets the rug pulled from beneath his feet (twice!) in trial, and he finally decides to back out of his "this is all a matter of how interesting the game is I'll even fuck around with the evidence if I have to"-mindset. I'm glad he hasn't had a change of heart yet because it'd be unbelievable at this point, and it was hilarious seeing him try to justify himself in a way that would still make him seem like a huge tool.

And speaking of smacking, I kind of wanted to smack Kirigiri for the way she behaved toward Naegi for a while too. It wasn't that I felt sorry for Naegi, I was just frustrated at how hypocritical it was of Kirigiri to get mad at Naegi for withholding important information when she's done the same several times before. And then there was the point where she said something along the lines of, "So you'd trust what Monobear says over your own friends?" and just goddammit, Kirigiri. I can't stand when people pull that sort of emotional manipulation on others. I'm guessing the intent was to show us how, for all her outstanding intellectual accomplishments and stoic exterior, Kirigiri still human and capable of being hurt, and that she truly values Naegi's friendship just that much. But it's hard to swallow when they haven't exactly been on equal footing throughout the game, and their dynamic hasn't been very...dynamic (not helped by how bland Naegi is).

This trial was the biggest chore to get through. I give it credit for trying something different with there being multiple established "culprits," but it ended up making the whole thing more of a drag to sit through than anything.

Thankfully, the payoff is excellent. I'd been wondering what would happen if it turned out the victim had just committed suicide for a while now (ever since the first case, in fact, when my first suspicion was suicide) and I'm glad the reason wasn't as a result of despair, which would have been too predictable and anticlimactic given the circumstances. Sakura died a really honorable death (casting whatever action she set in motion to help everyone else aside, she saved her entire family), and it was so sad everyone but Asahina was too afraid of her to hear her out first before it was too late...;_;

Monobear is a huge fucker for hiding Sakura's real suicide note and giving a fake one out instead. I also didn't see the execution of Alter Ego coming at all, even though I probably should have.

Finally, in the extra study material...I honest to god thought the big secret Sakura was afraid Naegi would laugh at her for regarding Kenichiro was that he was actually just a character in a fighting game she couldn't beat.
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