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Dangan Ronpa Chapter 3 Impressions

Ishimaruuu!! If you weren't my favorite before, you are now! God, the extra study material was priceless. I can't wait until more of the free time with him is posted.

I wasn't too upset by his death because a) I already knew about it and b) I was expecting he was going to be executed as the culprit, not one of the victims, and I think the latter would have been a lot more distressing to see unfold. And I'm just not terribly affected by character deaths in general--there needs to be some extra meat apart from "They got killed" to rouse emotion from me.

What was sad, however, was the impact Mondo's death had on him. He isn't crying, or looking sad, just horribly, horribly shell-shocked, which carries a stronger impact. We're so used to seeing Ishimaru live and full of passion, never resisting to shed a tear over the smallest of things, and then when he gets someone he's close to ripped away from him he can't even muster any words. It's even more sad in retrospect after you spend some free time with him and it's implied he's never had any real friends, making Mondo probably his first, if not in a while. Just damn.

The establishment of the "Ishida" personality was...odd. It was such a big thing yet it led to absolutely nothing significant. Will it serve some purpose later on? I'd hope so, but for now, it was just sort of a let-down.

Yanda was kind of wearing on me as a character (amusing at first, gradually became more and more apparent his character was just a one-trick pony) so I wasn't bummed he got offed. It's a good thing too, because had he stayed a recurring cast member while great characters like Ishimaru, Chihiro, and Mondo were killed off for good, I'd have been pissed (and did get pissed when he "came back to life" for a brief moment).

The school trial was sort of tedious this time around because I knew the killer had to be Celes, so it was all one long lead-up to that point. Her motive for murder was the most shallow of bunch, but I liked it anyway, because it gave us this. I thought her execution started out amazing and then ended underwhelming...and then I read about how and why that was likely the point (Celes anticipating her execution to be this grand, gracefully carried-out one only for a fucking fire truck to crash the in on her) and now I find it the most brilliant of the executions in that regard.

Geez, nearly all of my favorite characters are now killed off at this point. I'm glad Fukawa is still around, as she remains entertaining, but Sakura, while cool, is a little lackluster in character, and I'm hoping that's subject to change soon. I'm pretty indifferent to the rest of the living cast, and I hope something happens in the next three chapters that'll change my mind on them too.
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