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Finished 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors this morning! I meant to post about many hours earlier, but I got caught up in catching up with my Tumblr, answering messages, and trying to write up the post itself. I was really glad I resisted reading spoilers for this; if there's one game you don't want to be spoiled for, it's this one. It sets up your expectations and subverts them masterfully well.

At first I was kind of "Huh..." about the True Ending, not because of the content of it, but because it felt like there were still a few loose threads left hanging. Namely:

  • How the characters of the game pose the question of whether Snake and Clover are really siblings or not at least two or so times. I was expecting it to lead up to something significant, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

  • Lotus's involvement in the True Ending. I was expecting her connection to the the past Game with her daughters to come up, and was a little disappointed it never did.

  • The Schroedinger's time paradox with June. All of the events explained prior I could take in (including the psychic elements, I thought those were well-explained) but the time travel seemed a little out of the left field for a game that was mostly grounded in realism. I did appreciate that the game still provided some logic for it so it didn't feel like too much of a cop-out, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

But all of these were outweighed by my enthusiasm that I fucking called it

By the Safe Ending, I guessed that June was Zero...or that's what I how I wanted it, anyway. At first I thought it was going to be Ace, because I'd been spoiled about Ace turning out to be the bad guy (which I assumed meant Zero), which Safe debunked, leaving me with my guess that it was June. I think there was something about the ending of Safe that indicated to me it was June (can't remember), but I think what also tipped me off was Junpei internally observing for a moment that Zero's gender was unclear. And June's bizarre fevers that would mysteriously get better, her implied knowledge of the ship by giving Junpei very subtle nudges in the right direction...

And I didn't think they were actually going to go there. Once Santa as Zero was "revealed", I thought they were going to stick with just that (though Junpei thinking about how he wasn't satisfied with that answer also made me have second thoughts). But no, they did it, and I was beyond thrilled with it.

Needless to say, June ended up being my favorite character of the game. I didn't expect her to be as, like a lot of players, her cutesy, innocent act put me off a little, even as someone with a high tolerance for "annoying" characters. But she ended up being just the sort of character I wanted to write. Just the other day I was thinking about writing a character intended to be a sort-of deconstruction (as overused as that word has become) of the "pure, selfless, self-sacrificing girl" type, and June excelled in all the areas I wanted--sweet and playful (I like to think that she was never really "acting" these traits out either), but also cunning, mischievous, and twisted. I like that the game didn't spell her actions out as inherently good or bad in the end, and left enough room open for the players to decide just how well-intentioned she was.

Snake was cool too.

Looking forward to the sequel.
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