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Hey livejournal! Long time no update.

No, this isn't an announcement that I'm abandoning LJ forever--the latest updates are a nuisance, but nothing that can drive me away from the site altogether. I do have a dreamwidth to catch up with friends who have fled, and in case shit goes down greatestjournal-style here on LJ, but I haven't put it to use yet.

The main reason for my extended absence has been that I've mostly been on Tumblr. As a tool of communication it's arguably inferior to LJ (discussion through reblogs always turns into a mess, appearance-wise), and yet, I feel much less self-conscious and much more motivated using it to update. Maybe it's because everyone has a different writing style--some less "sophisticated" than others, and no one gives a shit about it. Maybe it's the "Likes" that are encouraging (comments can, understandably, be an exhausting process for showing others "I've read and understood this entry"). I'm not sure. But somehow it's bringing me closer to people and feeling more confident. I've even started writing again! And people like it! It's remarkable.

So what have I been updating on Tumblr that I haven't here on LJ? Mostly nose anime related-meta, liveblogging a visual novel about a man's journey in denying Cthulhu while fighting a festering erection for her, some unpleasant mental and physical health experiences that have thankfully more or less subsided, and, perhaps most important of all, I'm a dude please refer to me with dude pronouns.

And that's about it. Sorry for not keeping up with everyone's entries...I have no excuse for this that isn't laziness.
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