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So is anyone gonna do that last meme I posted

Before I forget: dream I had last night. Someone anonymously challenged me to some kind of fight over the phone, and he’d check in every day to see if I remembered the date we agreed on.

One of the fights we agreed on was some kind of doorbell ditching contest…? I’m still foggy on the details. One person had to ring a doorbell and the other had to answer it, and I guess it had to be timed exactly. We both ended up messing up because we both waited too long for one of us to answer the door and one of us to ring the doorbell, so we agreed to have a fight on the last day of school (my dream apparently took place in my middle school years) at a certain location. I guess it was something of a threat to me, because I was in constant paranoia that he’d attack me at random. I ended up training by walking around in circles in my grandma’s backyard lawn.

Last day of school came, and I waited for the still anonymous challenger. He told me he was someone in my class, but he never approached me. I figured the fight was off, and I’d try to text him asking if we wanted to schedule a different one or at least ask his identity.

Never did find out who he was, the dream cut off from there.
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