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Alright, here is the video I mentioned I was in the process of making in my previous entry. It is a compilation of clips from the English dub of the hentai, "A Time to Screw". It is the most fascinatingly bizarre dub I have ever heard. I can't help but imagine that the only way the production team could have made this masterpiece would be if they were given the video without the audio and had to fill in what they thought was being said themselves. The result often feels like watching one of those Fenslerfilm G.I. Joe PSAs.

Though there is no full-frontal nudity or sex to be found (meaning I had to cut out some of the most magnificent parts of dialogue such as the opening scene of the girls talking about what a hot stud Einstein was while shaving their pubes, and "Did you know Adolf Hitler was a master tiddlywinks player?"), the content here is still pretty NSFW. I'm a little concerned it'll be taken off as soon as it's posted up, so please watch while you can?

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