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For my English class, we were assigned to write a memoir. Memoirs always put me on edge both for recalling details and recalling a scenario that's interesting to write about to begin with, but my anxieties were soon put to rest when I learned they can extend to dreams. Only problem was that while I've written down the basic outlines of dreams I've had in the past, the details there also tended to be pretty vague. But then, as if in response to this, I had a pretty vivid dream last night! The first thing I thought of when I woke up was "I should probably write every detail of that dream down right now" and, of course, I ended up putting it off until later. Still, I'd say most of the details are still fresh in my mind, so here's what I can remember.

My first memory of it took place in the film adaptation of the seventh Harry Potter book. The weather was overcast and, for some reason, Dumbledore was alive. He was coaching Harry about defeating Voldemort, with his last words of encouragement to him being something along the lines of, "Remember, you're like a Jedi!" Dumbledore then said something to either Ron or Hermione that they found embarrassing/stupid, to which Harry retorted, "Hey, at least he didn't say you were like a freaking Jedi."

Another part of the dream took place in a shopping mall of some sort--couldn't remember if it was an indoor or an outdoor one, because it showed aspects of both. There was an old video store that sold VHS tapes that one of my cousins wanted to see. I remember there was also a wallscroll of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame with Esmeralda and a fiery background. There was a box of small posters, too. And a big box set of the Twilight movies.

There was something about Toy Story 3, but my memories of it are foggy. The film had little plot yet still garnered widely positive response. I saw it multiple times in theaters and quickly tired of it. The neighborhood featured in it looked a lot like the one I'd walk the dogs from the adoption center at.

There was another part that took place in Disneyland--only it was being called Disney World here--that was several stories high. I didn't realize it, having taken the elevator up, until we (my cousins and I) started walking down and I saw these huge rollercoasters and water slides twisting about. I was terrified I was going to fall off somehow, despite there being plenty of ground and a wide staircase. We stayed there until midnight, and I kept asking if we'd really have time to make it to Universal Studios like my aunt said we would.

What made the dream really memorable, however, was this next part. I was in this hotel room and one of my high school English teachers was lying down on the bed of a hotel room--I can't remember if he was sick or depressed, but he certainly wasn't feeling well. He then asks me to kill him by sticking thumbtacks in his neck. I kept asking if he was really sure about that and he said, "Yeah, just stick 'em in there." I obeyed, finding a container of multicolored thumbtacks in a cardboard box and sticking them one by one into his neck. It took some pressure to get each to stick in there. He didn't react to this at all, and I think at one point he even decided to "help" me out by sticking some thumbtacks in his neck himself. I very quickly ran out of thumbtacks and looked around for other items to be a replacement, such as a pen, which didn't work out.

Then something was brought up that I wasn't sure about, so he got up and walked to the white board (and with that, the setting suddenly changed to a classroom)--thumbtacks still stuck all around his neck--and began writing an explanation down on the white board while giving me a lecture.

The dream transitioned to a field in front of a school building where my friend Michael was hanging out at. He asked me if I knew about the news of our teacher's death and I answered, with little hesitation, "Yeah, I was the one who helped him out with dying."

Taken aback by this information, he then said, "Go on. Swear at the top of your lungs." I did, yelling a long "FUUUUCK" to the sky, and that's more or less when I woke up.

Alright, let's see if I can churn a narrative out of that.
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