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From Twitter 05-01-2011

  • 11:26:58: I love how just when I finish reading the Underground Chinchiro arc, suddenly, EPISODE 4 IS SUBBED
  • 13:53:21: When I went to get some lunch I saw these 2 guys at a table: one with dark hair and red shirt and the other with lighter hair and blue shirt
  • 13:54:25: and immediately thought of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. #IWarnedYouAboutTheInternetBro
  • 15:56:35: I'll get around to you eventually, Portal 1.
  • 20:52:36: RT @JamesUrbaniak: So he wasn't in a cave after all? Fucking poser.
  • 21:12:52: RT @jasonschreier: BREAKING: Osama bin Laden is dead. Shouldn't have put his address on PSN.

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