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From Twitter 04-30-2011

  • 18:48:28: Couldn't wait for fansubs so I caved in and read ahead with the Kaiji manga. Goddamn you and your page-turning suspense, FKMT
  • 18:48:48: and your GODAWFUL cliffhangers too
  • 18:51:09: I WAS going to stop reading at a certain point and then HOLY FUCK ISHIDA'S SON
  • 18:56:07: Which is a bigger failureverse: Venture Brother's or Kaiji's?
  • 18:58:49: Forgot to add "and your moefaces" to the "goddamn you, FKMT" list too
  • 21:58:18: Finished the Underground Chinchiro arc. Man, that was a relief. Kept half-expecting someone to pull an AAAANDOOOOOUUUUUU
  • 21:59:07: That was some GLORIOUS divine retribution.

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