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From Twitter 02-20-2011

  • 00:42:11: Alright, time to watch this "Marble Hornets" thing I've heard so much about.
  • 01:02:55: I know jump scares are considered the lowest form of horror, but they're about the only things that really scare me anymore.
  • 01:03:46: And apparently this series has a fair amount of them?
  • 01:04:25: Needless to say, I've been compulsively hitting the Pause button for a breather, and I'm only on entry #3.
  • 01:55:14: Watched up to entry #10; so far so good. I'll watch more tomorrow as I'm starting to fade now.
  • 13:38:49: At entry #18 of Marble Hornets, and one thing's been bugging me: why search the house at night?
  • 13:39:26: I didn't mind it the first time since I assumed he got the anonymous tip at night and wanted to do it right away.
  • 13:40:25: I know part of it has to be because it wouldn't be nearly as creepy in broad daylight, but still.
  • 13:41:09: But then, maybe this will be one of many questions answered later on.
  • 14:34:50: Alright, at least he's not going to the tower at night.
  • 22:47:11: I retract my complaint/confusion about his going to the house at night; I'm on entry #23 and he's going to it in the day.

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