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Been reading John Dies at the End and, 216 pages in, I'm debating whether or not to drop it. The book isn't bad at all by any means, it's just becoming less of an enjoyment and more of a chore for me to read. The beginning showed a ton of promise--the encounter with the meat monster was hilarious, and I was hoping there'd be more of that.

Then came the flashbacks. They, too, showed some promise in the beginning. I think it was sometime when the gang went to Vegas that my interest began to subside, but I assured myself that had to be the last of the flashbacks, and the present story would finally go on. No such luck. There's a brief jump back to the present, with the interviewer expressing his skepticism over Dave's story, Dave saying "No, listen, you have to hear the rest of this", flashback, rinse and repeat. At this point, I've forgotten what the current flashback story is about.

I want to finish this book because my reading list for this year (excluding comics) has been pathetically short, and I'm so far into this book...but man, I want to read something else already.
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