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"Hey, check this out: whaddya buyin'? Heard that in a game once."

Done with school until June 14th. I think I'll ramble about the vidya.

Tales of Eternia - On the third and final disc. I wasn't fond of Destiny--the game's predecessor and the last Tales game I beat--and I'm finding this one to be a huge improvement over it. The plot isn't anything to write home about, but it works, and it's delivered at a fast enough pace with likable characters to carry it along the way. Might comment more on this once I've finished.

The Secret of Monkey Island - Playing the classic-look edition and am up to somewhere where you're rounding up a crew to save Elaine. So far, it has its moments, but I haven't really been feeling it yet? It might be too early to say.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth - I've encountered some weird bugs that occasionally forced me to shut the game down, which is frustrating due to the lack of save points. That aside, I'm really enjoying this one so far. While it has yet to really scare or creep me out, it has some of the most pulse-pounding action I've encountered in a game in a while. While I love the Silent Hill series to death, it never really made me feel especially on edge (save for 4, to an extent) because I always had the comfort of a weapon on hand (though I hear Shattered Memories is an exception). Apparently, you get a weapon later on in this game too, but with emphasis on the "later" part. The effectiveness of this really shows in the part where you're (not a spoiler) first attacked by the villagers in your hotel room, completely helpless and completely dependent on locking every door to the rooms you flee into as well as blocking them with any bookcases at your disposal. I died many times during this, as you can imagine.

Bayonetta - After playing some of Monkey Island and Call of Cthulhu, I think my brain just had it with mentally stimulating games and hungered for something fast-paced and over the top. And man, does this game ever deliver on that front. I got it on Friday and have been powering my way through it ever since (somewhere in Chapter IX now). The J-pop music hasn't grated on me yet like it has everyone else, though it is sometimes jarring to hear after the HUGE AWESOME EPIC BOSS FIGHT music. My favorite thing about this game, however, is the fact that you get to use medieval torture devices on your enemies once your magic gauge is full.

I also finally got around to finishing Gurren Lagann a couple of weeks ago, and should probably comment on that as well. I don't have much to say about it other than that I liked it, but can't shake the feeling that I would have enjoyed it a great deal more had I followed it with /a/ during its run. It's a solid series on its own, don't get me wrong, but, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, seems like one of those things that's more fun to watch and react to in a group setting.

Have some long thoughts on Ace Attorney Investigations, Superman: the Animated Series, and possibly Eureka Seven written, but when they'll be finished and posted, only time will tell.
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