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Work, Christmas, and 2009

Don't have much to say, except that I do: I got a part time job last week! Same job as my last: dog daycare, at the same location. I decided to work at the dog daycare located next door to the one I previously worked at, and so far, it's been an improvement. For starters, the dogs are separated into two groups--small dogs and bigger dogs--as opposed to my previous job where all the dogs were put in one room and chaos would often ensue. The place seems more organized, and the owner and workers alike are easier to communicate with. I've been put in charge of monitoring the little dogs, which consists of giving each of them attention, cleaning up after them, and discipling inappropriate behavior (98% of which is humping) via the squirt bottle. Not too much different from my other job, but I'm slowly learning about the other steps involved in the work process.

Christmas this year was eh overall, but my loot was good ($200, Silent Hill 1, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Tales of Destiny, Tales of Destiny II/Eternia, Up on DVD, and a new system unit for my desktop computer) and that's about all I have to say about it.

In lieu of the new year, here is a review of some of the major 2009 events I experienced that I might or might not have posted about in the past:
- Took a Comics as Literature and Sociology class.
- Took in one of my program's leopard geckos, named her Chloe.
- Took in another one of my program's leopard geckos, name was Herbie, and even though he was a she, decided to keep the name.
- Got my own digital camera.
- Took a Philosophy class during the summer term.
- Briefly worked at an animal hospital where I learned how to feed baby birds.
- Moved from Monterey back home, moved into a new apartment.
- Took an English and Sexuality class. Got an A+ in the former class, have yet to find out the grade of the latter.
- Saw The Birds on the big screen and Tippi Hedren.
- Went to my first convention, met Tim Schafer.
- Old computer went from functioning fine to being stuck at a screen to starting up fine but moving agonizingly slow once booted up.
- Bro ripped all the content from my old hardrive on to the new one I got for Christmas.
- Got a part time job at a dog daycare.
- Did not meet any of my proposed New Year's resolutions.

All in all, not a bad year.

I've had many a New Year's resolution ideas kicking around in my head, but there's one that's been a work in progress for almost two years that I'm certain I'll finish this year, and that is this: I will finish screencapping Evangelion, dammit.
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