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Bird picturedump (with a bonus turtle)

Over the weekend I finally got myself a digital camera so I could snap some decent shots of the birds around here (...and because I needed one because I'm behind the times, and because disposables and scanning pictures were getting to be a pain), especially while some of them are still babies. So here's what I've rounded up so far.

First, a picture unrelated to birds that I've been meaning to mention. There was a fire in this room (back room of the apartment building across from mine) that occurred a few weeks ago and lasted for a few minutes. Still don't know what the cause was, but the person occupying it wasn't there and the fire didn't travel any further than the room, so everyone was alright. This was also the same day a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses visited me hours before it happened. I wonder if those events were related.

One of several scrub-jays that regularly visits my porch. Or my bird feeder, rather. I wanted to get a snapshot of this one especially because it's still just a baby. Couldn't get a shot of one of his/her parents feeding him/her, though. Oh well.

Different day, different baby.

From this picture on down are the pictures I took at the park today.

Distant shot of one side of the park.

Seagull wishes he could be as chic and cool as that goose. I wish I could be as chic and cool as that goose.

Distant shot of the other side of the park, with the paddle boats.

And as I turned around, I saw these four ducks running in my direction...

(Not pictured: the fourth duck successfully escaping her pursuers)




I was determined to get a shot of this turtle ever since I saw it a week ago. Did not expect to see any turtles in this park.

And that's it for now.
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