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Meme from projection

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

1. Freakazoid

A short-lasting but fine gem of an animated show of the 90s. Like a lot of people, I gave the show another look partly out of nostalgia and partly because of that of which cannot be said. Even now it holds up well, despite some of the gags being more relevant back then than now, and while it made many pop culture references, it never reached the point of annoyance that's commonly seen in comedy of today's media. It might be because it's got plenty of its own humor to fall back on, it might be because of the great animation, it might be because of the awesome soundtrack, it might be because of the stellar voice acting, it might be because of the nonexistent fourth's probably all of the above.

And once you've gotten a full education of the geek realize just how relevant it still is today.

2. Mighty Max

Another short-lasting gem of the 90s, though it lacks the fluid animation of Freakazoid's. I downloaded and watched all of it back in '06 and loved the hell out of it, and lately, especially since I had a recent dream about it, I've been itching to give it all another watch. It's a sort of pulp adventure/fantasy series based on a Polly Pocket toy line for guys, featuring Rob Fucking Paulsen as the hero, Tony Fucking Jay as his chicken fowl mentor/guide, Richard Fucking Moll (Harvey Dent/Two-Face in Batman: the Animated Series) as his bodyguard, and Tim Fucking Curry as the main recurring villain after the hero's blood. It's mostly fun and episodic, but also willing to tackle some darker themes, and does so with maturity.

3. 4chan

I'll be honest, I stopped doing weekly picture posts because I got tired of being associated with the site as a result (dohohoho). It isn't a permanent deal,

4. MST3K

I vaguely remember watching this show as a kid with my brother and it wasn't until I saw julewooster's MST3k icons that I got hit with a nostalgia bomb and remembered it again. The first episode I rented via Netflix was Space Mutiny, which convinced me to rent several of the other episodes available, and remains my favorite MST3k episode to this day.

5. Penguins

Penguins are fucking awesome. If you don't like penguins I JUDGE YOU.
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