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Adventures in the Offline World

I had an interesting encounter this morning.

It started out innocently enough. I was waiting for the bus and a guy wearing several different scarves and a hat walked over to sit on the bench at the stop. He asked me some casual questions, such as whether I was still in high school or in college, what area I lived in, what I was studying, etc. Then he asked if there were many girls on campus, I shrugged and said there were a decent amount, and he told me I ought to talk to them some time.

The conversation from this point on got increasingly awkward as he told me of how he stole "$10 from that bitch" (as well as showing me the envelope they were presumably stored in), his moral of the story being that sometimes you can't be given things and have to take them yourself. He continued questioning in the previous vein of girls, asking if I had a girlfriend, whether or not I was a virgin, and how I ought to get some sometime because of how his life changed as soon as he got some pussy. I didn't even need to get serious with it, he said, all I needed to do was stick it in her.

Last topic discussed before he boarded the bus was if I was a drinker, smoker, or if I did weed, and how the last one would help a great deal when I'm studying.

At the time, the experience was awkward and wholly amusing. In retrospect, the experience was educational and wholly amusing.

In other news, Jan term's over, and I will take the opportunity to veg out for the next few days.
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