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I had a dream last night that actually jerked me awake. I can't remember where it began for the life of me, so here are the disorganized, (mostly) disconnected details.

One part of the dream took place at my high school during a snow storm. Apparently, every Friday we had to put on a play, and as we were trapped inside the school building on a Friday, the teachers asked us to rehearse it while they had a meeting. We weren't allowed to go inside the room they were having a meeting in under any circumstances.

This eventually led to me and a group of students going outside to follow these symbols that somehow all added up to fox waiting for us in a cavern. I was reluctant to go in because I anticipated there being a door that would close and trap us inside the cave, but entered anyway. A door didn't close and trap us, but we somehow ended up getting trapped inside the cave anyway. A portion of the dream took place with us inside this cave, waiting for someone to help us, and wondering when we were eventually going to starve/suffocate in it.

Another portion of the dream was...semi-connected to what happened in the cave? I know it involved a friend of mine and I trying to get out of a place we were trapped in via information from his laptop. Apparently we had to look up the GameFAQs for this old game called Mad Men 8, but then my friend's laptop stopped working and he started to panic. I pulled out my old laptop out of my bag and told him to calm down and tell me the directions for what to do with the guide. After rushing through the GameFAQs, we eventually got out.

This was also connected to another situation involving the "enemy" (a group of Gundam characters) that apparently got us trapped. They themselves were trapped inside a large room of a sinking ship and awaited their deaths by the rising water levels that they couldn't prevent.

Another Gundam hero got buried alive. (I dunno where all this Gundam stuff is coming from, either.)

There was some discussion about another Shrek sequel and a clip from it was shown with the Donkey inside the stomach of Shrek's kid.

There was also a bit where another friend of mine and I were lounging on the couch, watching some post-apocalyptic movie, and just as a giant robotic fire-breathing dinosaur (not a dragon) appeared on the screen destroying a bridge, he was complained about the predictability of the plots in these movies to his mom.

The dream looped a couple of times (or I sure felt a sense of deja vu in it), but with the situations playing out slightly differently than the last time. Each time I tried to stop something from happening, but inexplicably ended up going the route I'd taken before anyway.

...and that's all I can remember for now.
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