May 21st, 2016

ToE - Keele

Tales of Graces f: 10 hours in

I've been playing Tales of Graces f, which I got on its release day years ago but hadn't gotten around to playing until now. I'm enjoying it a lot! I'm about 10 hours in, at the part after you've beaten [SPOILER] at Wallbridge. I haven't really blogged about many games as I've gone along playing them and, as a result, I usually end up forgetting a lot about them--in fact, that's what happened with this game, despite me only taking about two days away from it. So I wanted to try and change that and record my thoughts as go along. That, and I think something Big (dare I say, game-changing) is about to happen, and I wanted to post a bit of speculation too...because I haven't played a game of "Called it!" in a while.

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