May 10th, 2014

Digimon - dark ocean

Digimon What Ifs: The Dark Ocean Creatures

I've been on a major Digimon kick lately, but, until now, hadn't figured out the proper way to express some of the thoughts and ideas I'd been having--or rather, how to introduce them. So, I boiled it down to what the basic idea of it was--"what if" scenarios and theories--and decided I'd try my hand at making this into a series. My intent is not to convince anyone of my ideas, as I'm sure it's easy to poke holes into them, but simply a means of airing out my brain, in ways that writing fanfic cannot.

So, for the first of what may be many ideas on the subject, the unexplored Dark Ocean subplot. Specifically, the Hangyomon that reveal themselves to be servants of their undersea god, Dagomon. It's easy to conclude these creatures are supernatural entities of an entirely different caliber than Digimon, nothing more, nothing less, but, what if they were something before?

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