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Christmas Roundup:
- Stephen Colbert's I Am America (And So Can You!)
- Black Jack OVA box sets
- South Park seasons 3 and 4
- Tales of Phantasia
- Beyond Good and Evil
- Little Britain DVDs
- $200

I am content with my haul and had a mildly merry Christmas. I narrowly missed having an allergy attack from taking a small bite out of a malt ball from a bag that my aunt gave me which, unfortunately, had peanut butter in it. I was able to spit it out immediately before the worst effects (hives, vomiting) could kick in, though my mouth did itch for a short while. I also learned that one of my uncles (more specifically, my dad's youngest brother) has colon cancer. I don't know the exact details on his condition, but he is getting surgery.

Once again, I'm doing better than I'm sounding.

Not Taller Than a Tree and Not Quite a Bumblebee,
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