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Son of a bitch that's too much coffee

Beat The Game Friday night.

Overall, it was definitely my least favorite of the trilogy. I liked that the cases were won without any last minute decisive evidence and young!Mia surpassed my expectations, but what we learned about most of the characters seemed to only touch the tip of the iceberg and the plot twists weren't really "twists" at all. The 5th case, for one as long as it was, couldn't seem to flesh out a conclusion that reached the satisfaction of the first two.

The main problem might've been that the game was all too hyped up for me, even as I tried to keep my expectations as low as possible. The biggest disappointment was the fourth case, which, from what I've seen, has been frequently regarded as the most depressing case of the three games. Beg to differ. What happened to Yanni Yogi, Mimi Miney, and Acro? Much worse than the consequence Terry Fawles had to suffer. I stand by my statement because Terry brought it on himself. I'm sorry, but the guy had it coming the moment he agreed to the fake kidnapping, which made it near impossible for me to sympathize with. Had the entire case not taken place entirely in the courtroom, had there been a chance to investigate as Mia with Diego as your assistant, and had there been some more information on what the hell was going on between him and Dahlia...I think it probably would've been my favorite case.

Truth be told, I had more sympathy for Dahlia than I did Godot and Terry combined. Godot at least had a decent life before he fell into a coma, and Terry...well, see above. Dahlia had a shitty upbringing, shitty life, and shitty end to her life. If there was one character who was truly the Ultimate Evil TM, it was Morgan Fey. And all she got was solitary confinement. Lame.

Playing as Edgeworth with Gumshoe as your tag-along was fucking awesome, though. And facing off against Franziska in court was epic.

And here I bring my entry to an end in the same anticlimactic manner as that of the game.
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