MP (militarypenguin) wrote,

More Black Jack news!

Apparently Tezuka did write an ending for Black Jack that was stashed away in an old apartment's ridiculous, but so awesome. It's going to be officially released in Japan several weeks from now, and I hope someone on the dr_blackjack community will be able to scan it all.

Summary: In the process of creating a new medicine, Black Jack makes the horrible mistake of testing the medicine for himself which has him transformed into a hideous tentacled beast with the ability to shoot fire from his eyes! Things become even more dizzying when Pinoco tries the medicine herself which turns her into a boy. Now it's up to the male Pinoco to go on a journey of rough training in order to take on the mutated Black Jack, in the action-packed, bloody conclusion to Osamu Tezuka's treasured masterpiece.

Tags: black jack, halloween
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