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Do what in th' name o' Davy Jones ye want cause a pirrrate be frrree

So I figurrre 'tis about time t' update on that tharrrdisturrrbin', disgustin' thin' that tharrrplagues e'errryone shout'd dismal exist'nce, and a bottle of rum! I've finally caught up on all o' th' Berrrserrr kie manga (which brrrackish has been confirrrm'd t' be ship sinkin', if anythin' because th' laterrr chapterrrs have motherrrfuckin' PIRATES in them) and I swearrr I had morrre t' be rrrattlin' on about, and a bottle of rum! I had a drrream I werrre bein' Brrritish, and a bottle of rum! Tomorrrrrrow I have t' prrresent me prrroject, and a bottle of rum!

And so, me flist, Iweigh anchorrrye a boot t' tharrr! harrr!ad a seagull pirrratin' a bag o' chips:

A grrreat helpin' o' a thanks t' th' Tal kie Like a Pirrrate Day trrranslaterrr ferrr assistin' me in this cabin log, and a bottle of rum!
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