MP (militarypenguin) wrote,

I had the greatest dream last night you guys.

It was as though every epic element in my mind had been rolled up into one Katamari ball of a dream.

I believe it all started out in this Silent Hill-like area underground where I was hearing this commentary given by an obsessed fan who was talking about what the "roles" in the Silent Hill movie meant while I was looking around for who she was talking about. She was saying, "Valtiel is the one who organized and mapped out the town, Pyramid Head was the one who constructed it, and there's a different Pyramid Head every year." Just when she was talking about this, a Pyramid Head...or something that resembled it popped out of this one wall, all covered in red-brown goo/blood and started staggering around everywhere. Then the Warden from "SuperJail!" appeared and told me, "Now remember, if you see this guy, DON'T PANIC!" and I started looking around for That Guy, despite not knowing who he was or what he even looked like.

There was another part of a wall that looked peeled and there were black snakes all over it and on the ground, too. Then I found the guy, who looked like the Pyramid Head mentioned earlier, all covered in snakes and screaming because his arm was eaten off. Then the Warden showed up again and said angrily, "GOD NOW WE HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN." I felt v. confused.

And started all over again, we did. I arrived at the same scene where there were considerably less snakes. Then, just when I turned around there was a guy swinging around this pendant, saying stuff to me along the lines of "You feelin' lucky punk huh huh" and started hitting me with the pendant. We got into a big fistfight and just when I was about to win, the Warden showed up yet again, but this time to tell us to cut it out and listen to the new jobs he was going to assign us.

First, he explained the organization we were apart of, which basically consisted of us practicing certain professions illegally. I got to be a doctor. I rejoiced internally. For some reason my friend Michael was also there and he was putting this irregularly-shaped-disco ball in this fish tank and the Warden told him to stop because it'd drug the fishes.

Then I somehow wound up in a room at my grandparents' house. And somehow, Franziska von karma and Maya Fey of the Phoenix Wright fame were there, too. Franziska was talking disturbingly politely and Maya apparently saw through that quickly, as just when she was saying good-bye to her she said, "Have fun burning down your husband's house!" and Franziska laughed nervously, then exposed her true identity as a butch German Nazi.

Then other occurrences occurred, including my search for the person who was masturbating in the room below mine, my mom playing a toy saxaphone, and other random acts of violence.


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