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I had a dream last night that I was in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and uh stuff was going on. The unknown events suddenly led me into going into Judge Doom's office to ask him about something, and he had these pictures of various people getting ground up in meat grinders and all these torture tools displayed in glass cases. I found out that I wasn't supposed to be in his office, and he'd be able to track me down from the finger prints I left, panicked, and ran into another room where there was a party going on. When I entered the room everyone was greeting v. loudly, and I was telling them to be quiet as I hid underneath this desk. Then Judge Doom entered the room, asked where I was, and the dream ended.

I was sort of disappointed. I wanted to find out whether my fate was going to be ground up into hamburger meat or not!

In other news, there's been some Spanish-speaking workers here cutting down dead trees with chainsaws. Needless to say, these sounds made me feel like I was in the middle of Resident Evil 4 for a majority of the day.
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