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Yesterday I went to the Asian Art Museum with Tyler and Michael. We mainly checked out the section on manga which was a tad disappointing in terms of information, but it had manga there to read and beanbag chairs to sit in, so all was well there. There was a section on Osamu Tezuka we checked out, too, which was also interesting. After lunch we went to the Virgin Megastore. THEY HAD THE FIRST PHOENIX WRIGHT GAME THERE. Despite lacking a DS (and money to buy one along with the game), I decided to buy it due to the stories I've heard about the perils many went through in order to recieve the game--like King Arthur's search for the Holy Grail, but with no coconuts. Got my DS today, and now I'm waiting for it to charge up. It's an agonizing wait.

I also saw Surf's Up today. It's probably the first above decent non-Pixar computer animated movie I've seen since Shrek. The length and pacing is perfect, with it being not too long or too short, and not being too rushed yet not too slow, either. The characters are memorable and quirky as they are strangely believable, and it has a great soundtrack that blends in with the movie instead of distracting you from it. And it's hilarious. In short, it's Happy Feet done right.

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