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SPIDER-MAN, how do I skinned knee?

I had a dream last night that there was this long bug (not a centipede, more of an ant) that kept crawling around my arm and I tried getting rid of it, but it, for some reason, kept winding up on my arm again. I finally was able to put it on my desk but when I woke up again in the middle of the night (still in the dream) my knee was stinging. I rolled up one of my pant legs and the skin from my knee was gone. For some reason I thought the bug ate it and then looked up to find this slug sticking out of a hole in the well. And when morning came, I told my mom about my knee's missing skin and she said that she pulled it off because my skin was already getting infected.

There was also this part that took place in an episode of South Park where there was this worm that lived in the classroom...I forgot what it had to do with the episode, but it was there. One of the kids was planning on taking this other kid to a bandcamp and ended up tricking him...I can vaguely remember what happened.

Before I go to bed, have some Tales of Symphonia OVA screencaps:
Bonus disc

I'll post my thoughts on the OVA itself once it gets fansubbed.
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