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No Goofy Tiem Tonight.

Just watched Memento...I'm still trying to process it all. You literally can't trust anyone. And even if the answer you were given was the "real" answer, you have no proof of it. The whole concept of the film is relying on instinct rather than memory, and man, does it sure make itself clear by the end. Seriously, forget Eraserhead, forget 2001, forget Evangelion, forget Silent Hill--forget everything. THIS is mindfuck in its truest form.

I also finished watching the second season of Avatar a couple of days ago. Great stuff, and the finale's cliffhanger is nearly as evil as Memento's ending. I surprisingly don't have any long thoughts to type out about it, probably because I think everyone's said everything that can be said about it. I will say that I don't think Zuko is siding with Azula just yet. And Rock Loli Toph is awesome.

The End.
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