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Last night I saw Spider-Man 3. I went in to it with the lowest expectations possible so I wouldn't be disappointed and overall, I wasn't, but I still had really mixed thoughts on it. So here's my review with my mixed thoughts separated into the good/bad/neutral categories (and yeah, I'm working on that last meme, so don't panic. And don't forget to bring a towel.):

The Good:
+ The first fight between Peter and Harry was nothing short of awesome. It was a tad odd that their showdown attracted little to no audience, but I really think it was better off that way, otherwise the energy of the action would probably have been killed.
+ The secondary characters from the previous movies (Jameson, the rent guy and his anorexic daughter) had some excellent scenes in here. The scene with Jameson buying the disposable camera from the little girl to take pictures of Spider-Man in particular was brilliant.
+ Opening credits with the Danny Elfman music were orgasmic, as always.
+ The special effects done for the Sandman (aside from when he became HUEG LIKE AN XBOX) were incredible.
+ Bruce Campbell.
+ How's the pie?

The Bad:
- The city being in the "Bitches love Spider-Man!" state. The celebration for him was also lame.
- The Sandman. Hated him, hated him, hated him. Hated his role in the story, hated how he mutilated Spider-Man's origin, hated his overall character. It was a complete mistake to have him in there, and an even bigger mistake to have Peter forgive him. Why did he shoot Uncle Ben, anyway? He sure didn't look like he was in a hurry during the flashback so it didn't seem like it was out of stress/panic, and he could've easily thrown Ben out of the car and made his getaway. On a random note, he reminded me a lot of Regal from Tales of Symphonia, but Regal was tolerable for the fact that he honestly resented what he did (even if it was for the best) and didn't bother begging for forgiveness or even understanding of his actions.
- In fact, I hate to say it, but I could've done without Venom, too. If they really wanted multiple villains, they should've stuck with using the soon-to-be-villains from the second movie--Dr. Connors and John Jameson.
- Gwen Stacy also needed to be cut out. It's too late to introduce her now, so why bother?
- Not enough of the "battle within" that the trailers and posters had promised.
- The butler.

The In-Between:
+/- The Peter Player idea was hilarious and retarded. He wasn't as emo as everyone made him out to be, but he also wasn't as evil as he could've been. Needed more of the evil!Spidey that intimidated Mr. Sandman and mocked Harry and less of the Party Boy!Peter.

Overall, I guess I enjoyed Spider-Man 3. There's too many flaws for me to love it, but too many pros for me to hate it. It pales in comparison to the first two, but if I had the video editing skills to cut out a few of the scenes, it'd probably be just as decent as them.
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