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tl;dr rant and meme

I am really getting tired of people acting "mature" and "smart" just because they point out the obvious with 300 and Grindhouse. That is, they say things like, "A woman can't work with a machine gun as a prosethetic leg" or "Why aren't the Spartans wearing armor? STUPID." Nevermind that 300 isn't supposed to be a historically accurate film. Nevermind that Grindhouse is supposed to be over the top and absurd. Nevermind that both of these movies make it clear that they're action movies in their purest form, and your only duty as an audience member is to sit back and enjoy it. These movies aren't making themselves out to be Oscar-worthy movies that you can dissect and analyze the hell out of and they know it.

I don't have anything against people who disliked either movie (I haven't even seen Grindhouse yet) but it's the ones who point out all the intentional "errors" that I really wanna kick in the groin. Same thing for all the people who complain about the fart jokes in the earlier seasons of South Park which the show itself made fun of.


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