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I'd bend your earth. if u no whut i mean.

Thursday we went to the Tech Museum. It was cool. We saw an IMAX showing about hurricane Katrina, which was also cool, though the music kinda killed it at certain parts. At the internet section of the museum there was this place where you could play Second Life with other people at this round table and I had my character just fly around and chase people and say "DON'T WORRY, MA'AM. I AM FROM THE INTERNET." to them. Many confused players ensued.

I finished the first season of Avatar Friday night. I'm looking forward to seeing Rock Loli Toph in the second season and fapping clapping when she earthbends. Getting back to the first season, the season finale was v. awesome, though the "Water Scroll" episode is probably my favorite because it has motherfuckin' PIRATES. Though the pilot episode had motherfuckin' PENGUINS, too. Quite a competition. When those penguins show up again they better be with the pirates.

Or better yet they better BE the pirates.


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