MP (militarypenguin) wrote,

Back and in one half of a piece.

The trip was both as bad as I expected it to be and not as bad as I expected to be. Still hate my grandparents. It's not for any emotionally-scarring reason other than that they've annoyed the hell out of me since I was small, and this is a grudge that unfortunately got stronger over time. They've always seemed full of themselves and if I didn't know better, I never would've guessed that they raised seven kids.

I was disappointed that I couldn't find any snakes on either of our plane rides, though I could've sworn I saw a ghost of one hanging around for a while. Aside from that, I wrote up the rest of the details of the trip in my notebook, and I'll scan the pages if anyone wants to see 'em. For now I need to catch up on my flist, hump each inanimate object in my room, and plot world domination with my dog and cockatiel.
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