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Yesterday I had Michael and David came over to my house so we could kill some time until we had to go to the to the bowling alley for a get-together that my school was holding. We didn't do much except play Silent Hill 2, and I forgot how slow it was at the beginning, making it not the greatest game of choice to play with your friends, least not until Pyramid Head shows up. As for the bowling, it blew. The music there was loud as hell, and the poor choices didn't help, either. Because of this, I (and about five others) only played one round and went to the arcade instead. The games blew there, too. Despite having not done a lot that night, I was exhausted for most of the day today. I fenced like a drunken penguin at my lesson, and my thought process was just about the same, too.

/b/ is down. Using the small pile of new images I have, I have prepared the survival kit:

BREAKING NEWS: apparently, Rob Paulsen voiced a ninja in Metal Gear Solid! IS THIS AWESOME? Y/N

This motherfucker here could kick the asses of Hamtaro and his gang any day.

Rule 34 brings all the creepy shit to the yard, but it's got nothin' on the trapified versions of our once masculine childhood heroes.

And because this dump is so bloody small, I'll provide you with some LINKS to distract you (in case you got your dick cut off or your pussy clogged and are unable to masturbate as a result):


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