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I had a dream last night that one of my classmates was showing me this trailer for Child's Play and telling me that it was supposed to be hilarious. It involved this one girl either punishing or making a deal (can't remember) with this other guy to pull out his tooth, but to make things easier on him, she'd tie one end of this string around his tooth and the other end around the Chucky doll. Her reason for doing this was, "So instead of going 'AAAAAAUGH!' you'll go 'AAAAAUGH!'" Or something along those lines.

It brings me to this question again--why isn't dental torture used in horror/thriller flicks more often? If there was some movie about a maniac who pulls out people's teeth for a living, I'd honestly be more freaked out by that than some other maniac who goes around stabbing random teenagers. Ridiculous as hell, but still one hell of a terrifying thing at the same time. I know that my least favorite gags are the ones involving any Dentist Trips From Hell (or just the loss of teeth), too. The Dentist movies and Marathon Man are the only movies I can think of that had dental torture featured in them that wasn't for comedic value.
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